Monday, May 12, 2014

Susquehanna River, French Azilum, PA
Photo: Carol Manuel

Well Statistics To Date For Asylum Township:

115 - Approved Well Permits
40 - Active Wells
28 - Wells With Reported Production Values
Asylum Township, Bradford County, PA, has a population of 1,058 people.  It is only 26.4 square miles in size.
I think that 40 active wells is a lot for an area that small.  Average 1.5 wells per square mile.   Dr. Tony Ingraffea has said that 5% of all wells have leaks and spills or other failures.  So in Asylum Township, at least two wells will have failures, causing environmental destruction, water pollution, soil pollution, not to mention air pollution which is a given for every single well.  Many spills and well casing failures occur before fracking is done.

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