Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Asylum Township, PA: A Gasland In Progress

Susquehanna River, Asylum Township, Bradford County, PA
Photo:  Carol Manuel

Asylum Township is located in Bradford County, PA.  Population (2010 census): 1058.  This township is comprised of a mere 26.4 square miles.  How many gas wells are located within this small area?  Forty active wells, 28 with reported production values!  There are 112 approved well permits as well.  The newest permit was issued this month: John Barrett BRA 5H. 

A very small area with 40 active gas wells says it all.  This is a GASLAND.  This is a beautiful rural, farming area turned industrial.  Gas drilling has literally overtaken the lives of the people who live there.  Water has been poisoned.  The air is poisoned.  The soil is poisoned.  And the prognosis is more of the same.  Will it be habitable in the future?  I doubt it. 

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