Monday, September 16, 2013

Dear Governor Hickenlooper: Stop Fracking Colorado

A new film premiering May 2014. Here is a teaser narrated by Sandra Steingraber, PhD.

Dr. Steingraber has a natural gift for explaining what actually happens underground during fracking.

Dear Governor Hickenlooper is a compilation of short films about why fracking must be stopped in the state of Colorado. Each film—documentary, horror movie or love story—will convey to the Governor a simple message: THIS IS MY COLORADO.

DGH is a massive collaboration of Colorado creatives—filmmakers, artists and musicians—that will help persuade the Governor that the state of Colorado shouldn’t be fracked with and that another, more sustainable economy is possible—right now. The film will be comprised of 3-7 minute vignettes, each one telling a different perspective on Colorado. Imagine a segment that shows a man who lives to fly fish on CO’s rivers cutting to one that graphically depicts how fracking is impacting Colorado’s rivers; followed by a young farmer happily working to make a living from his/her land; followed by science on how we are fracking our food supply by auctioning off public lands near farms; followed by an interview with a solar expert showing us what’s possible with renewable energy in CO today if we level the energy playing field.

DGH will help shape the energy and economy debate as it screens in theaters big and small across the state and is seen by audiences worldwide on the web via a short film series designed to go viral. The film will implore Governor Hickenlooper to be a hero—the governor that moves us to a renewable energy economy in the nick of time. Films will be housed along with an enlightening blog, articles, and infographics on


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smurfette said...

There must have been a great deal of money spent to get the natural gas industry exemption from the Clean Air and Water Acts. Wait- why did they pass those? Oh, yes, to help keep our kids and ourselves healthy and cancer-free. How soon do we forget- they're building houses on Love Canal land again. Are they going to reopen the Love Canal school, too- you know, the one with toxic purple sludge in the basement? So, we're poisoning ourselves for a few more years of fossil fuels. "What fools these mortals be..."