Monday, August 19, 2013

Gas well truck slides off road, dumps water compound

In Pennsylvania, an accident involving a gas industry truck, which crashed a few hundred feet from a residence,  resulted in a spill which had to be cleaned up by local firefighters and PENNDOT. The driver, a Mr.Grenot, was not injured, but the state Department of Environmental Protection said he spilled 265 gallons of the ethylene glycol, which is used as pipeline lubricant for the gas drilling industry.

"Grenot was descending a steep grade on Pleasant Hill Road in a truck with a trailer containing a diluted ethylene glycol solution, the same chemical compound as anti-freeze. He was en route to the Hufnagel hydraulic fracturing well about a half-mile from the accident site.

As Grenot attempted to make a bend about a half-mile south of Route 488, the trailer began to slide, which pulled the entire vehicle off the road and into a nearby field, according to police.
Wurtemburg-Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief Brian Partridge said the accident might not have occurred if Grenot had been more familiar with the road he was on...."

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The article mentions that perhaps the driver was not familiar enough with the terrain and may have been driving too fast.  Also the road was slippery from the effects of heavy truck traffic combined with hot weather, causing the tar to bubble. In my opinion, gas industry trucks go too fast and do not know the roads well enough, or perhaps they are simply not using the proper caution.  I have witnessed what I would call unsafe driving first hand when I was almost driven off the road by a large truck.  It is very frightening.  These drivers work long hours and may feel under pressure to deliver their loads as quickly as possible.  Accidents are common.  Trucks add to the dangers of the natural gas industry, and are a constant worry to local citizens.

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