Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vera took this video last night on her way home. Can you imagine what it must be like to see this happening not far from your home? It is alarming. What is being emitted into the air here? This can't be healthy, can it? There are homes nearby. Vera wrote: Taped 10-9-12. Saw this tonight on my way home. Flaring on Valley View Rd., but seen from Laurel Lake Rd., and something I hadn't noticed before. Looks like Gas Fumes comes up off the two flares. Franklin Twp. , Susquehanna County, Pa. Why is this being allowed ?


Fish Creek Neighbor said...

Are they fracking? Are those gas plumes or silica sand? Wow. So sorry you have to live over there.

Peacegirl said...

This video shows flaring operations, the burning off of excess gas before the well is capped and left for future use. Vera, who took the video near her home, doesn't know yet what was causing those plumes of white smoke. That's what is scary. We don't know what we are being exposed to.