Monday, September 3, 2012

Loyalsock Creek Ruined by Pipeline Installation

Drilling "Accident" on Loyalsock Creek east of Worlds End State Park in Central Pa. Thank you Gov. Corbett, DEP, DCNR and the inept and Criminally Negligent Williams Co. and it's Contractors for fouling this pristine stream on Labor Day Weekend 2012!


Anonymous said...

That is totally cruel. I remember going to the loyalsock years ago with my family. It was the most beautiful creek in the state. It was always clear and the water was fresh,but now due to the drilling and fracing by nothing but greedy oil companys, it is nothing but junk. The drilling and fracing needs to be stopped before everything is ruined.

John Slesinger said...

Think about this, we only see the obvious "mistakes". If something goes wrong and no one sees it, think it will ever be reported by the driller or the DEP? Only time will reveal the true extent of the damage these people have done and covered up with the help of the DEP.

Anonymous said...

This YOUTUBE is totally incorrect. I personally called the Park office and the swimming hole was never closed prior to Labor Day, nor is there a restriction on entering the water. The hole is closed now because it closes at end of Labor day every yr. Further the article in the Wllmport Sun Gaz. states there was not an enviornmental accident . It was mud, sludge, and that is all. According to the pipeline co. DEP had authorized
the crossing.
Yet someone with a camera used the occasion to spread propaganda. It is people such as these who are bad for business not the industry.

Peacegirl said...

Sure, the crossing was authorized. That's not the issue at all. I do not trust the reports that say nothing and no one was harmed in an incident like this. Time will tell. There may have been more than mud in that stream. The person who filmed the stream was deeply concerned about what had happened, and rightly so. Would you want to see a pristine stream look like that? Wouldn't you be upset? I know I would be. I wouldn't allow my children to go in that stream until I was sure it was safe. We can't know until the spill is investigated, especially in light of the many accidents that occur on a regular basis in areas where gas drilling is present. This has nothing to do with propaganda. This is a concerned citizen reporting what he saw. Totally legitimate. I am glad people are filming these things as they happen. How else are we going to know? A picture speaks louder than words. It does elicit an emotional response in some cases because we don't want our environment ruined. We are drilling the very earth we stand upon. The bedrock of our planet. It's insane.

Dean Marshall said...

Mr Silla ,
Evidently methinks, thou doth protest too much!
The sketchy and unsubstantiated article in the Sun Gazette is almost totally innacurate.
To begin with, the first flows of drilling muck were observed And filmed by others Thurs and Fri of last week. DEP And DCNR were contacted and asked to investigate.
I was informed by E mail by Sat evening, with videos included of the gray green goo fouling the Swimming Area in Worlds End State Park.
My partner and I went to the Park Beach about 8:30 am on Sun. and found only a slight greenish tint to the normally crystal clear pool.
As we drove east on rt 154 I suddenly saw a New flow of grayish green muck about 1 mile upstream. We stopped and shot several still photos and two videos. Driving upstream the water was fouled for as far as we could see.
We turned north on 220 and got to the bridge over Loyslsock Creek near Ringdale where the water was quite clear. When DEP's Mr Murphy called me Mon. He said, " Inergy was doing a trench crossing and had not used adequate precautions to prevent "sediment" from fouling the water. I took issue with this ploy as I knew the crud in the creek was Nothing like natural sediment and more like diluted cement in color, smell, consistency and perhaps was a blowout from the wetlands boring operation near to the "open trench" crossing of the Loyalsock! At this point I informed DEP I would be posting my video publicly.
Tues., DEP's Mr Puzio called to say he had been to the area and saw nothing. He tried to say it was one incident instead of the multiple flows witnessed by many visitors to the area all thru the Holiday weekend! No mention of pumps malfunctioning! No reiteration of Murphy's explanation that the pipeline crew had "initiated a stream cut without proper coffer dam and sediment sucking equip in place"! Any wonder I do not trust DEP?
And you Mr Silla, are doing a dis-service to the local residents, tourists, sportsmen, artists, nature lovers, campers and hikers who enjoy the natural beauty, clean air and water, and Peaceful wonder that is the Loyalsock! You shoul be ashamed of your selfish, Pipeline investing, Gad shilling collaboration with the very industrial/political machine that Will destroy much or all of this wonder forever.
Dean marshall

Jane Tolomello said...

I can attest to the fact that this is a common problem when installing pipelines..something that is not mentioned during twp meetings....nor is it mentioned during zoning appoval hearings...nor in front of the zoning planning commissioners no one is informed of this...until AFTER...these 'blow outs'...or as they refer to them as 'uncontrolled flowbacks' sounds much better than 'blow outs'...I guess...but we had 6 BLOW OUTS! In one week...none of which were reported to the twp...not our EMA...nor our Twp. Supervisors..Fire/ one!..2 of the BLOW OUTS were right by 3 prestine artesian wells...when asked at a twp. meeting .... how the gas pipeline company...didn't know about the artesian wells..they looked at ME like deer in a headlight....not able to answer the question...that, btw, I asked he pondered without an answer..I told him to think about it ..and I'd come back to him...I then asked the Rep from our wonderful...(and I say that with sarcasm!) D.E.P. ...who attended the meeting..( I believe at the twp.'s request...) why he didn't know...that there were 3 artesian wells on the sight that they were drilling for the pipleines..thru our wetlands...and he looked at me like a deer in a headlight as asked.."well...who approved this site...does ANYONE ever even look at these sights before you just start digging? Or are you just too busy rubber stamping?" answer...'a blank stare'...turning back to the attny for Chief..he still didn't have an answer as to how no one knew..but.. but went on to say..."these things happen sometimes"...... we were then informed .. that things like this...happen it is NO BIG DEAL ( to the industry..or our state of PA)..that they have BLOW OUTS in our wetlands lots of our prestine water supplies...AND...not only that..but that it is ALSO not any of their concern to feel they have to inform your twp's representatives..or The local EMA! The only way we knew of the BLOW OUTS..was because we have many informed people in the area..that recognize a 'clean up' and the signs of a BLOW OUT...OH..wait..I mean...'Uncontrolled flowback'...What is in that mud?...We will not know everything..we know it contains bentonite..which in the form of mud is safe??..however..when it dries..and turns to is NOT so safe!....So they can say that it was nothing 'toxic'..they can lie and say anything they want..we will never know..however... what I do IT IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE...PERIOD!

Jane Tolomello said...

and...btw...THANK YOU Dean Marshall, for taking the time to protect and speak out on behalf of all the local residents, tourists, sportsmen, artists, nature lovers, campers and hikers who enjoy the natural beauty, clean air and water, and Peaceful wonder that is the Loyalsock! We appriciate you taking the time to do this!
Jane Tolomello