Sunday, April 22, 2012

Compressor Station: Be the First On Your Block To Have One Next Door

The Teel Compressor Station on Button Road in Dimock, PA. Vera's video from yesterday. The noise is unacceptable.

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smurfette said...

Well, it sounds to me on the level of having a circular driveway and having a row of diesel trucks going 'round and 'round until fossil fuels run out. I still feel that, if the CEOs truly think this is such a positive thing for Americans,they should all have compressor stations and hydrofracking within 200 feet of their homes. Won't happen. Know why? One reason- their multi-million-dollar mansions would decrease in value. Another? Well, it ISN'T as safe as they imply in their ads and they certainly wouldn't want themselves or their children exposed to harmful chemicals. So, let's review- fracking is a great idea as long as it is not done near THEM. Nice CEOs, eh?