Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flood Victims in PA Can't Find or Afford Housing

Pennsylvania residents who lost their homes to Tropical Storm Lee more than three weeks ago are having a tough time finding affordable housing, or any housing at all, because workers in the area's natural gas drilling boom have filled nearly every room, this according to an article by Michael Rubinkam, Associated Press.  Read the article here.

I find this to be reprehensible.  The problem has been there for a long time, but the storm has exacerbated it to extreme levels.  Gas workers are taking up almost all motel rooms and apartments and houses.  The gas companies hoard entire motels, such as the Towanda Motel.  They lease the rooms for extended periods.  Drive by the parking lots of many motels and you will see license plates from Texas and Oklahoma.  It is a real occupation.  I find this to be unacceptable.


smurfette said...

In Wyoming County, there are only TWO LISTINGS for rent? And I think, in this time of real disaster, to ask a family to uproot themselves and their families and change their children's schools, where they can all heal together, is cruel.And why are there just COLD showers at Tunkhanneck(sp?) High School? Is there no hot water there? Of course, if our country followed France to ban hydrofracking and save what potable water is left in PA, there would be fewer problems now AND fewer problems in the future.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh how bias you are. You have to approve comments because god forbid someone disagrees with your ways. You only want people who agree eith you. I suppose thats the reason why there are so few comments.