Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Third Spill At Pipeline Muddies Susquehanna County Creek (PA)

This is very sad news. Three mud spills in just a few days. No small matter to ruin a creek deemed exceptional value.  But this kind of thing will continue in all probability because the pipeline industry cannot know that something is wrong before it happens.  Or maybe they can know, but they will continue to drill and install pipelines anyway.  A little collateral damage is okay, right?

Read more here. (Laura Legere, writer)

And here. (Marcellus Drilling News)

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smurfette said...

Well, I guess it kinda went like this:
1)before drilling= exceptional stream for trout- clear as can be

2)1st mud eruption= trout not happy- mud makes stream look like a mudbath.

3)2nd mud flood= trout really ticked off- stream unrecognizable to person who has lived there for years.

4)3RD MUD EXPULSION= trout are screaming mad and saying, in trout talk, "What the heck are you doing to our home? We're moving elsewhere! Let us know where there is a place that's safe from you guys!"- stream will pretty much never be exceptional again.

And STILL they're saying that, though there is no way to prevent this from happening OR contain it, they're still going to drill. I guess they won't be held accountable until there is plenty of gas in PA but no potable water- literally sickening!