Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Footage of Susquehanna River Bubbling

Don Williams of Wyalusing, PA, kayaked at Sugar Run July 17th and took this footage.  Click on the link:


Why are these bubbles coming up from the river bed?  Where are they coming from? And why can't the gas companies do something about it?  Well, I think it is because, despite claims by gas drillers that what they are doing is safe and predictable,  we are still forced to live by the geology of the region which means we have no way of knowing where methane and other chemicals used in gas drilling, especially hydrofracking, go after they are put down the hole under immense pressure.  Not even half of the chemicals ever come back to the surface.  Where do they go?  They go wherever they find a pathway, and no one can even guess about that. 

Gas drilling is not a safe operation.  Too many unknowns.  And that is true no matter how many regulations and safeguards are followed.

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smurfette said...

It's frustrating to me that our government is allowing its citizens to be used as guinea pigs for the grand experiment called Marcellus Frackastan.Also, it makes me angry when the gas companies make statements like "By the year such-and-such, the Marcellus Shale may be providing 30% of the US gas". They know full well they will sell the gas to the highest bidder, which will likely be another country. They can't tell the truth about ANYTHING because, if they did, most people would be anti-fracking. There is NO GOOD METHOD YET of disposing of the waste from fracking, so let's not DO it yet.