Friday, May 20, 2011

Professor Ingraffea Lecture: Development of Natural Gas from Shales

Well Head on Well Pad
A presentation by Cornell Professor Dr. Anthony Ingraffea. Dr. Ingraffea's presentation evaluates myth and facts concerning some of the more notable issues involved in development of unconventional natural gas wells in shale formations. The presentation was sponsored by Penn State Eco-Action and the Sierra Club Moshannon Group.

May 10, 2011

Professor Ingraffea addresses myths and realities of slick water, high volume fracturing from long laterals.  The four myths he included were:
  1.   Fracking is a 60-year-old well-proven technology.
  2.   Gas migration from faulty wells is a rare phenomenon.
  3.   Use of multi-well pads reduces surface impact.      
  4.   Natural gas is a clean fossil fuel.
All of these statements contain a kernel of truth, according to Ingraffea.  However, he explains why each of these myths is flawed in major ways.  After hearing his talk, one has a better understanding of the real truth.  The problems with these mythic statements are highlighted in detail.  Ingraffea uses data from the gas industry whenever possible to prove his points.  He insists that all statements be backed up by peer-reviewed scientific research.

This video presentation is two hours long.  It took me 4 sittings to get it all.  I took notes!  It is well worth the time if you have the motivation.  I hope you will watch it.

View Dr. Ingraffea's lecture here.


Ceen said...

Take Action Pennsylvanians: Rally and Lobby on June 7, 2011 in Harrisburg: Capitol Steps. Marcellus Gas Drilling: We need protection of our Water, Air and Land. Josh Fox, director of Gasland and others will speak. Contact any of the groups below to join a scheduled meeting with your legislators or if you need information or transportation.

Sponsors, Clean Water Action 717-233-1801, Sierra Club PA 717-232-0101, Delaware RiverKeeper 215-369-1188, PennEnvironment 215-732-5897, Wellness Connection 1-800-200-2229.

Peacegirl said...

Thanks, Ceen, for letting my readers know about this important event.