Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PA Gas Driller Tells Drivers To Dump Waste Illegally

Last week a waste hauler by the name of Robert Allan Shipman from Southeastern Pennsylvania and his company, Allan's Waste Water Service, were accused of dumping fracking wastewater and sewage illegally into local waterways and mine shafts.

How many times has this happened and was not caught?  It's a lot cheaper and easier to dump toxic waste when nobody's looking than to follow the law.  There are far too many wells and trucks involved in this unregulated industry to be able to inspect and keep tabs on everything.  It would be an effort in futility.

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Jack said...

"There are far too many wells and trucks involved in this unregulated industry...."

Please check your facts Peacegirl as nothing could be farther from the truth.

Peacegirl said...

Jack, I don't know where you got the idea that trucks are monitored sufficiently. They aren't. They can't be. There are too many trucks and not enough inspectors and law enforcement. Are you saying that the thousands of trucks on Bradford County roads are all followed to their supposed destinations night and day? That is just not even believable.

smurfette said...

Of COURSE they will pour this stuff into the river and streams nearby. With all the research for decades by the scientist we heard speak, they basically have NO WAY to safely dispose of this toxic wastewater. The salt will corrode the treatment plant machinery, the shale is too porous to dig down miles and store it safely, and the only other way for disposal is to truck it "somewhere else", which will be trouble for some OTHER location and group of people.So, what will they do? Spray it on the highways, bulldoze it into the frack pit location, or dump it in waterways. It's a lose/ lose situation.