Monday, January 10, 2011

Gas Drilling in PA: No Respect For the Law

This morning PennDOT removed a tracked drilling rig from the wooded area where it fell off a lowboy Friday in East Troy, PA.  Two problems come immediately to mind:

1. The weight of the rig and the lowboy together were overweight.  Law for weight IGNORED.

2. Diesel was drained from the rig after the accident.  That sounds very nice, but did any of the diesel fuel spill during the accident or as the fuel was being drained?   ENVIRONMENTAL QUESTIONS!

This scenario has been repeated many, many times in PA and everywhere else gas drilling is happening.  It is a significant danger to local people and the environment.  However, there seems to be little worry by gas companies.  I will give the benefit of the doubt that the gas industry does care about their workers.  However, the fines for these accidents is laughable at best.  The Daily Review reported that the fine here will be more than $12,000.  A mere drop in the bucket.

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