Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chesapeake Energy: Goodwill Ambassadors???

One of the things that really gets my dander up are the efforts of gas drillers to appear philanthropic.  Puhleeeez!  The Rocket-Courier (Wyalusing, PA, newspaper) reports that Chesapeake Energy has donated $100,000 to Sayre House of Hope.  Of course, that amount of money is chump change to Chesapeake Energy.  But to average middle class people in Pennsylvania (like you and me) it looks like a lot of money.  Social agencies are suffering everywhere.  Donations are accepted gladly no matter where they originate. 

This is nothing short of a bribe, my friends.  That is what the gas industry does at every turn.  These donations are bribes in exchange for allowing the industry to literally destroy the lives of the local people: their health, their environment, their soil, their air, their water, their livelihoods.  And just as important: their SILENCE.  Who is going to complain when these corporations of mass destruction have given money to charity, sponsored fall festivals, held pleasant town meetings with refreshments, and fixed the roads they have demolished or will demolish?   These nice gestures ease the pain of life during and after drilling.  Never mind that it is the essence of condescension and perhaps even contempt.  Our lands have something they want which is going to make them extremely rich.  They can afford to be very nice.

The mission of the house is to alleviate the additional emotional burden on patients and their familes while enduring a medical crisis.  While it is good that people in need will be helped, it is still tainted money.  It is almost like a poison apple. Perhaps it is appropriate that Chesapeake Energy give this money since its presence is making people sick with all manner of ailments, many serious, some fatal.  In recognition of this gift, Chesapeake will be named the title sponsor of the Guthrie Gala for the next five years.  I find this to be so objectionable!  Don't let this corporation lull us into thinking they are doing us any favors.  They aren't.

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Anonymous said...

My family and I are feeling some of the effects of the gas drilling. We live in Bradford county with at least 4-5 wells 2-3 miles from us. You would think that the disistance would be well enough away that we wouldnt see the effects. This isnt the case. After speaking with a neighbor down the road who has a contaminated well we decided to take ourselves and our kids get a heavy metal and barium blood test as well as have our water tested. Both DEP and Chesapeak stated that their was nothing wrong with our water, however our blood test indicated that we all had barium poisoning including our 2year old and at that time 6 month old. We were suposed to start seeing a toxicologist in sayre however our apt kept being pushed back. We then recieved a phone call from the dr who before even seeing us stated that the gas wells were to far to affect us and that thier was no link at all with our issues and the 2-3 wells that went up around us. Needless to say we started makeing the drive to philly for a toxicologist who doesnt hold the same opion of the one in sayre. Donations or Bribes?!