Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gas Bubbling in Susquehanna River in Sugar Run, Bradford County, PA

A man cutting weeds along the riverbank spotted small streams of bubbles coming from the Susquehanna River near his Sugar Run home today.  Read how he was able to light a water sample on fire.  As neighbors gathered along the riverbank, they talked about other problems they have been having with their water.  One resident said,
If it's coming up through the river, it could be coming up other places, too.
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Sugar Run, Bradford County, PA
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smurfette said...

Looks like it may be hazardous to your health in more ways than one to smoke cigarettes at the river, eh? Don't they realise that, by its very nature, shale breaks under pressure and it has layers and pockets? When you take shale from natural settings in your hands, it will break into layers- it's fragile.No problem for gas to find a way through. Big problem for people, though.

Hainesy said...

Please know of what you speak before you speak. Number 1 the shale that gas is extracted from thousands of feet below the surface is not fragile. It is solid and hard like anthracite coal. Number 2 please lets wait for confirmation that it is gas drilling causing the mathane gas in the river. I would also say that industry along the river is a bigger threat than natural gas drilling. And farmers have puked chemicals from pesticides and fertilizer for years. So we should not demonize possibly the best thing to happen to northeast PA ever. We need to trust but verify. Lets work with the drillers so all can benifit. Lastly, I think the DEP is doing a good job!

Anonymous said...

Yes Shale is thousands of feet below the surface, however with that said any matiral with constant holes being drilled does become weakend to what extent we are at this point unaware. I having worked with DEP myself recently am not convinced at the job they are doing. Working hand in hand with some of the natural gas companies to collect water samples in my opion is a conflict of interest. This is fact and both dep and one of the companies confirmed this. Their ablity to answer questions, let alone return phone calls especially when a problem arises isnt present. As a family being affected by some of the results of drilling i believe thier is a big stretch for throwing blame on the farms that have been present for years with small to no effects! Again know of what you speak before you speak!