Friday, July 2, 2010

Driving Drunk In a Flatbed Truck Owned By Gas Company

I am getting sick of this.  Another potentially fatal accident involving an employee of a gas drilling outfit in PA.  What are people going to do to feel safe anymore?  Very early Saturday morning (6/26), Steven Mohr, Jr., age 34, of Halstead, PA, got behind the wheel of his flatbed tractor trailer owned by 5J Oilfield Services, drove into the village of Owego at a high rate of speed, and lost control of the rig, shearing off several telephone poles and a guardrail before resting the cab in a stormwater drainage ditch near a doctor's office on 5th Avenue.  THE DRIVER FLED ON FOOT.

The driver was later found at a hospital in Binghamton, NY, and was charged with fleeing the scene of a property danage accident, DUI, imprudent speed, and criminal mischief 4th degree. 

Read the article from the Owego Pennysaver and see PHOTOS here. "Pennsylvania man arrested following accident in Owego that left residents without power."

Check out this excellent blog post from The Marcellus Effect.



Anonymous said...

It is crazy to think that you would hold the gas or service company responsible for this mishap. It doesnt matter how strict the policy's are concerning drinking someone is going to do something ignorant like this. Thats like saying guns kill people!! They dont without someone operating them. So what you are saying is that you dont want gas companies in your area.

Peacegirl said...

Anonymous reader-
Trucks and truck drivers have always been with us. However, the gas drilling industry wherever it goes brings thousands of trucks with it. These trucks drive often illegally because of ignored weight limits and speed limits over back roads never built to take these giant vehicles. And for whatever reason gas drilling trucks are involved in many traffic accidents. I also question the hiring practices of gas companies. Do they hire safe drivers?

Guns, by the way, do kill people. When all of us become armed, any conflict may escalate into a murder. We were never meant to be an armed people. Not even the Constitution says that we should all carry guns.

But all the guns and shootings in the world will not hold a candle to the destruction of the environment and our quality of life like the gas drilling is doing. So your hunch that I am against drilling for natural gas is correct. Destroying the planet for a few years of energy does not seem like a good option for us.

Anonymous said...

Driving drunk,shooting a gun,driving are all personal choices we have.How RESPONSABLE do u want too be? We all have CHOICES choose wisely...

Anonymous said...

You know if it wasnt for the oil and gas being here i wouldnt have been able to provide for my family as a man and the company that i work for has to follow rules as far weights go. The people that only pull the negative out of oil and gas affiliated companies ARE THE ONES NOT GETTING A PIECE OF THE PIE. Also google your local area and see how many locals have been charge with drug/alcohol charges and being behind the wheel. These companies have brought so much money to this state and provided many jobs for the people that have been less fortunate with employment